Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's done!

At 6:30 this morning we got picked up in the van and went all the way to the hospital.  Dr Kumar did the tests and found a blockage on the right side of Randy's neck.  He did the procedure and Randy said he could immediately feel a rush into his right foot.  His hands and feet are warm for the first time in years.  He's losing the tingling in his hands and the feeling is starting to come back.  He was so happy with the results.

The Doctor is really great and so is the hospital.  I have a lot of confidence in him and the hospital is very clean and well maintained, but packed to the rafters with people.  Everyone is so kind and caring.  Even the hospital administrator was there to greet us.  It is a whole different system over here.

Randy gets out of the hospital tomorrow morning.  We are waiting to see how he does when he gets here and we will keep you posted.    

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